Monday, July 25, 2011

London Ink

Remember how I"m in London for SCHOOL? This isn't all tours, and shows, and pints, people. Sometimes we have actual assignments!

Today's assignment is to make and post a 1-3 minute video. My utmost appreciation goes out to Aubrey for the excellent camera work. (I only allowed her one take.) I cut out a few minutes, but this is basically 30 minutes compressed into less than three. Take your dramamine, it's a wild ride!

I was looking for a tattoo studio close to where we living in London, and I wanted to see an extensive portfolio from the artists, as well as positive reviews, since I don't know anyone here to ask for a recommendation.

I stopped by my chosen studio, Extreme Needle, on Wednesday afternoon and visited with Abz, the owner, about my idea. I wanted to be really happy with the tattoo, of course, but I also needed to have permission to film the process. No worries. He was open to the filming and knew just the artist to do the piece. I felt better about the price (not in my budget for the trip!) when he explained that there was no tip expected on top of the quote. Also, as we visited, he got a call from a "Nigel" who just happens to be the local health authority--hundreds of studios in Westminster, and he wants to schedule a tattoo at this place!

Our class had a work/rest day on Friday, so Aubrey and I walked down to Chinatown that afternoon. I had met Alejandro, the artist, earlier that day when I made my appointment and paid the deposit. Once we finally got the artwork to size and properly placed, the inking took just half an hour.

Alejandro, the artist

Abz, the owner

All done. Happy face.

Whoa! First placement.
I love London, but I don't want to MARRY it.

Several days later, I'm still thrilled about the tattoo. It's also healed faster than any of my other tattoos, which I think attests to the skill of the artist. The actual inking was not painful; he has a light touch.

So friends and fellow classmates, I highly recommend Extreme Needle for any of your London tattoo needs--just a fifteen minute walk from the British Museum, in case you get inspired.

Filming by Aubrey Clark.
Still photos by Eliza Lane.
Exception: Photo of the Gherkin by Mike A. Lambert. From Flickr, follows Creative Commons usage guidelines.
Music: "Tryptamine Extraction (Hardoff's Remix)" by DJ Donna Summer. From the Free Music Archive, follows Creative Commons usage guidelines.


  1. Absolutely the top London video of all time! Harry

  2. Wow, girl, you are so much cooler than I am! That's a freaking awesome tattoo!

  3. Hi Eliza -

    You must go back to London to get "The Shard" put on your tattoo.

    Yours is still the best London video of all time.

  4. This is still the best "library" instructional video from London for all time. It is 4 years later - and every time I see it or show it to people - I smile :-)

  5. Hi! In 2006 made an image of the London skyline that seems to have inspired the composition of your tattoo - - pretty cool to see it in ink! Great souvenir!