Friday, July 15, 2011

The Anglophile Explores

This is a bit of news for me, something I didn't realize before: I'm an Anglophile. I could blame it on high school BFF, Becky, who came to Oregon from the island of Guernsey when she was fifteen. She introduced me to my all time favorite music (80s Brit pop) and made it more likely that I would jump at the chance to spend a week in London a few years later.

But it actually goes back farther. Many kids pretend that they are being mistakenly raised by people who are not their real parents (King Arthur Syndrome perhaps?). I used to play that Queen Elizabeth II was my mother and my big brother Prince Edward and I were best friends. (Although I always say I was fine with being an only child, I did have a long and varied succession of imaginary siblings.)

And get this. As an adult, my two biggest expenses of the past couple of years: three weeks in London and a bright red Mini Cooper.


Today we spent a full day in the classroom, talking about upcoming excursions, assignments, and Web 2.0 technology. I'm going to get the opportunity to try a lot of different things which I know will make me a better blogger, publisher, and librarian.

Our group activity today was a fish & chips dinner at The Marlborough Arms. Claire, our waitress was really cute and friendly. I also had a pint of Strongbow cider.

I left the pub to explore on my own. There is so much within walking distance of our Study Center and flats. I wandered a lot, finally making it to Piccadilly Circus, where I caught some street performers, including a limbo dancer.

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