Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Next Adventure

"You must really love books," said a friend when she heard that I wanted to follow my Masters of Science in Writing/Book Publishing with a degree in Library Studies.

It's a rhetorical question certainly, because she knows I've always surrounded myself with books. I started my program at Portland State University as a reader and a writer, but I’m now a book designer, editor, and publisher.

I hope this new program at Florida State will give me additional career options. I never planned to look for employment with a publisher; I always wanted to BE the publisher. But a job as a teen-services librarian would pay my bills, provide benefits, and keep me in touch with the writers and readers who are my target audience.

I'm starting the program next month with a three-week study abroad session in London: multi-media for librarians. The trip focuses on sites significant in children's literature. I return just in time to walk in the PSU summer commencement on August 13th.

As part of the course requirements for the classes in London, I'm required to keep a blog. I'll be blogging at this site from now until mid-August. Welcome to my excellent adventure.

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